Your Dresher Dentist Works Hard To Optimize Your Coverage

As your Dresher dentist, we want you to get the most out of your dental benefits.

That’s why … we’re proud to offer medical billing for your necessary dental treatment. Did you know this is a possibility? If not, keep reading this blog to find out how medical billing can be beneficial to you.

Medical insurance usually pays for treatment from your dentist, but it isn’t categorized as a dental procedure. Dentists are allowed to bill medical insurance for a variety of procedures. This is because we do more than just care for your teeth and gums – we help look after the health of your entire body, as there is an undeniable connection between oral and systemic health. After all, your mouth is part of your body!

Commercial medical plans will cover treatment performed by us, provided they are coded as medical procedures. Usually, medical plans cover anything deemed medically necessary, meaning you’re medically compromised when you visit your Dresher dentist for treatment.

Here are some examples of what medical insurance will cover …

  • Exams
  • Trauma to the jaw, face, and teeth
  • Appliances for sleep apnea, bruxism, etc.
  • Full evaluation of the neck and head.

Medical and dental insurance coverage often overlap, but our experienced and knowledgeable team knows how to properly categorize treatments.

For your benefit, we’ve invested in medical billing at our Dresher practice. It’s how we make dentistry more convenient for you. We want you to enjoy optimum oral health that doesn’t hinder your daily routines. Plus, we want you to have more room to submit claims to your dental insurance and save on out-of-pocket expenses!

To find out more about medical insurance or how we can provide you the care you need, give us a call today. We’re here to meet your needs and provide the best care we can!

Yours in dental – and overall – health,

Dr. Anthony Antonuccio, DMD, your Dresher dentist.

A unique, caring practice that really does focus on more than numbers.