Alleviate Your Dental Anxiety With IV Sedation

IV sedation can be an effective and safe way to receive dental care while remaining relaxed during your procedure. Our office at Dresher Family Dental Care in Dresher proudly offers IV sedation as part of our comprehensive services to help our patients feel as comfortable as possible during their visit.

What is IV sedation, and what does it involve?

IV sedation, also known as conscious sedation, allows for a quick and easy way to remain calm and relaxed throughout a dental procedure. It involves the administration of medications through an intravenous line monitored by one of our qualified team members. During the sedation, patients remain conscious and can respond to our dentist. The medicines used vary depending on the patient's needs and desired level of sedation.

What are the benefits of IV sedation?

IV sedation promotes relaxation and comfort, reduces the time needed for a procedure, allows us to work on multiple treatments at once, and helps reduce anxiety associated with dental visits. Additionally, IV sedation can be combined with other forms of anesthesia that our provider may prescribe.

Who should consider IV sedation?

IV sedation can be a good choice for those who suffer from anxiety or fear and feel overwhelmed with dental procedures. It is also beneficial for those undergoing extensive dental work, as it reduces the time needed in the chair and allows us to complete multiple treatments during one visit. In addition, IV sedation may be helpful for patients who have a sensitive gag reflex, those with low pain tolerance, and those who do not respond well to local anesthesia.

If you want to learn more about IV sedation at Dresher Family Dental Care, call us today to schedule an appointment! Our team of experienced providers is here to help provide information about our services and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you and your family achieve a healthy, beautiful smile!


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  • Decrease your sensitivity to pain
  • Promote a state of comfort and relaxation
  • Remain composed during treatment
  • Alleviate fear and anxiety before procedures
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