Take A Deep Breath


Taking a deep breath and being mindful in the moment is all the talk these days about how to ground yourself and prepare for what’s ahead. But for people with dental anxiety, breathing techniques help, but they won’t make their anxiety manageable. That’s why we provide a number of sedation techniques – and the one that is easily accessed by patients of all ages is Nitrous oxide or laughing gas.

A safe and effective sedative agent, laughing gas is easily given to you while you are in the dental chair. The gas is mixed with oxygen and you inhale it through a mask that fits comfortably over your nose.

As you breathe it in, you may become a little light-headed or feel tingling in your arms. Your legs may feel a bit heavy too. You won’t be sleepy … just more calm and relaxed. You’ll wear the mask throughout your treatment, and once it’s removed, effects of the laughing gas wear off quickly. There’s no delay in your ability to drive or going back to your busy day.

If you feel laughing gas would help you receive preventive dentistry in Dresher – dental care that you want and need – please call us today as we’ll be happy to help you determine if Nitrous oxide is right for you!