Straight Talk


Invisalign … metal is just a memory

How does Invisalign® work?

Invisalign straightens crowded, protruding, or too far apart teeth without metal braces. First, we take an impression of your teeth, then with the impression, the Invisalign lab uses computer technology and your smile prescription to create a series of clear, biocompatible aligners. These will move your teeth in tiny, comfortable increments. You wear each invisible aligner for about two weeks before graduating to the next ... until you have the smile you want.

Is Invisalign technology really new?

Yes, and it is built upon reliable, sound, scientific principles.

Invisalign uses:

  •  Advanced laser technology to create an accurate 3D digital image of your teeth;
  •  Advanced computer software to simulate time-lapsed tooth correction;
  • Advanced computerized fabrication of customized aligners.

Invisalign benefits you because you are:

  • Sophisticated about and appreciative of technology;
  • Computer-literate so you can understand treatment;
  • Expectant and appreciative of: wearing invisible appliances, faster results, shorter and fewer appointments, an accurate projection of end results, normal home care routines, use of a biocompatible material to decrease allergic response, minimal discomfort because teeth move in small increments and muscle soreness is rare even with a history of myofascial pain.

Can any dentist prescribe Invisalign?

No. Many hours of special training are required. As your Invisalign dentist in Dresher, I am the interface between your clinical needs and Invisalign technology.