Single-Tooth Anesthesia


Say goodbye to a numb face 

One of the ways we keep you comfortable during your dental procedures is by freezing the area we are treating. The upside is that you feel nothing during treatment. The downside is that you also lose feeling your lip, cheek, and tongue. This can be uncomfortable and can make it difficult to get back to your life as you wait for the freezing to fade.

Single-tooth anesthesia (STA) eliminates these problems because we target just the tooth we are working on. This means you retain feeling in your cheeks, lips, and tongue, while enjoying the same numbing around your tooth that helps you feel calm and relaxed during your dental visits.

In addition to site specific targeting, we think you’ll appreciate:

  • virtually painless injection experience
  • precisely measured anesthesia for predictable results
  • nearly instantaneous so you don’t have to wait until you’re fully numb.

Because we genuinely care about you as an individual and want what’s best for you, our commitment is to always include the technology that increases your comfort and relaxation at every visit. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you smile with healthy confidence, please contact us today.