Say “Wow” Now!


Teeth whitening in Dresher has never been safer, faster or more effective, thanks to the very latest in-office teeth whitening. It is so effective that we call it the “wow factor,” because patients are so completely wowed by the dazzling brightness of their smile!

You may have seen our in-office one-hour whitening procedures on ABC’s Extreme Makeover. That’s because optics experts have created an exclusive custom light technology that has the highest output of any chairside whitening lamp available. Combining this light source with our special-ingredient whitening gel will create your super-wattage smile!

Wouldn’t you like to achieve in only 45 minutes what would normally take weeks to achieve at home? And these results really last! In fact, we can provide a customized take-home touch-up kit with custom-fitted trays for an annual perk-up.

Perhaps your teeth have discolored from the most common causes – staining beverages and products like tea, coffee, red wine, berries, and tobacco. Possibly age or tetracycline is the culprit. Our in-office teeth whitening in Dresher could be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Call us today for your personal smile consultation. After only one office visit, say hello to beautiful white teeth!