Oral Cancer Awareness – Early Detection Saves Lives

As a dentist in Dresher, PA, we have the expert skilland training to detect many diseases of the mouth, including oral cancer.

Did you know that one American dies every hour fromoral cancer? In fact, more people die from oral cancers than either cervical orskin cancer. And because two-thirds of oral cancers are discovered in the latestages of the disease, the prognosis is often poor. When discovered late, the5-year survival rate is a frightening 55% – yet when discovered early, thisrate increases to as high as 90%. It is imperative, therefore, that oral canceris detected early, before the disease advances. That’s why we keep a keen eyefor telltale signs like lumps and discoloration and conduct oral cancerscreenings when you visit.

The first step in prevention is awareness. And that’swhat Oral Cancer Awareness Month in April is all about.

Did you know…?

  • The disease is affecting morepeople than ever before. (53,000 Americans will be diagnosed with Oral Cancerthis year … and only 55% have a good 5-year survival rate.)
  • In its earliest most treatablestages, oral cancer usually causes no pain or discomfort.
  • If left undiagnosed, oralcancers can progress to more advanced stages.
  • If diagnosed soon enough thereis an 80-90% survival rate.
  • We encourage everyone age 18and older to receive an annual oral cancer screening during their regularhygiene checkup.
  • Oral cancer screening isperformed on all adult patients at Dresher Family Dental Care at each recallvisit.

What can you dobetween visits?

  • Reduce your lifestyle-relatedrisk factors. These include smoking, drinking alcohol, sun exposure, a diet lowin vegetables and fruit, and poor oral health.
  • Be aware of other risk factorsincluding a history of other cancers, past HPV infection, a weakened immunesystem, and Oral Lichen Planus.
  • Look for these telltale signsor oral health issues: mouth sores that don’t clear up within 14 days, mouthpain, thickening of the cheek lining, loose teeth, ill-fitting dentures, lossof sensation in the lips or cheeks, voice changes, bleeding in the mouth.

And call us right awayfor an exam if any of these persist.

If it’s been a while since your last dentalappointment, please give us a call. In addition to helping you ensure that youare free from tooth decay and gum disease, we will give you an oral cancerscreening so you can feel secure in your oral – and overall – health.

Yours in excellent dental health,
Dr. Anthony Antonuccio, DMD, your Dresher dentist
A unique, caring practice that really does focus on more than numbers.