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Periodontal health

Aging doesn’t cause tooth loss… period. Surprised? Periodontal disease does. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that has also been linked to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, premature births, and oral cancer. But that’s not all there is to know…

Although gums provide support for your teeth and enhance your smile by providing a contrasting, healthy frame, it’s easy to forget about them. Teeth get all the great press! Here are some excellent reasons why we – your dental professionals – are an integral part of helping you take care of your periodontal health with preventive dentistry in Dresher.

  • You’ll learn how to keep your teeth for a lifetime!
  • Your overall health will improve!
  • Your smile, and in fact, your whole face, will look younger and healthier!
  • You can count on your breath being fresh and free from malodor!
  • You’ll be able to kiss without worrying about sharing disease-causing oral bacteria!

It’s clear that you shouldn’t lose your teeth to gum disease. And that you can look great, feel great, and improve your social life with good oral health. Who would have thought that the “forgotten gums” could give back so much?

Please call us at Dresher Family Dental Care for a consultation. We can assess your oral home care and whether you need to make any adjustments, and if necessary, we can discuss a cosmetic procedure that improves a too-gummy smile. And, as always, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.