Get To Know Dr. Anthony J. Antonuccio

When you visit Dresher Family Dental Care, the time we spend together is mostly dedicated to learning about you, your smile goals, and your personal oral health challenges. I don’t usually tell you much about me or why I went to dental school and, unless the Eagles are playing, we don’t touch on my interests while my focus is on you and your care. But, I do understand that before making a decision about which Dresher or Fort Washington dentist you choose for your family, you want to know more about the person you are trusting with your family’s care.
My goal with this blog is to tell you more about me – so our focus at your appointments is always on you and your family.
Why did I choose to become a Dresher dentist?
Plus, it gives me the opportunity to cheer on the Eagles – the team my father taught me to love from a very young age.
I have always loved working with my hands and helping people, so after I earned my bachelor’s degree in biology at Temple University, continuing to dental school seemed the clear choice. It was a dream come true that I could combine these two loves into one highly satisfying career. Upon earning my doctorate, the next choice was where to practice. Would I choose Memphis (where I was born), New Orleans, Fort Worth, or Quakertown – all places I’d been fortunate to live – or someplace closer to my family?
Because family time is sacred to me, Dresher stood out as the perfect choice to practice and enjoy a long career of helping others achieve excellent oral health.
When I’m away from the practice…
Other than watching the Eagles and spending time with my beautiful wife Olya, I find that the best way to unwind while also accomplishing a goal is to golf, hike, or work on cars. I just love doing anything that lets me set a personal goal … and then set out to achieve it.
With golf, for example, I can find it challenging and even frustrating, but when I make that perfect shot it is so satisfying … and totally worth it!
I have the same feeling about the complex dental cases I work on.
It’s a rewarding challenge to find the perfect solution that fits your needs and goals.
Your smile at the end of treatment is so satisfying that it energizes me to do even more. So, if you’re looking at search results from your “dentist near me” query, search no longer.
Pick up the phone and call today.
We’re here to help you make your smile dreams a reality, and we’ll do it on your terms … so you always have a reason to smile with confidence.