Continuing Education for Your Continuing Care

We are now providing Invisalign to our patients!
Many of our practice neighbors in and around the Dresher, Fort Washington, Horsham, Abington, and Hatboro areas are struggling with mispositioned teeth or tooth wear. This leads to negative changes in their teeth and the potential for future tooth loss, not to mention loss of confidence.
I love our community and the people who live here, so when my team at Dresher Family Dental Care recently had a chance to do some continuing education on Invisalign® treatment, nothing could stop us from finding ways to help our patients and neighbors get the straight and healthy smiles they crave.
Invisalign is an amazing treatment solution for misaligned teeth!
  • Convenience!

    Invisalign gives you so much more convenience than the old traditional train track metal braces. Metal braces certainly have a place for complex cases, but for many people, Invisalign is perfect and is a more comfortable, more attractive, and faster solution to straighten teeth.

  • Ease!

    With Invisalign, home care is easy. The aligning trays are removable for brushing, flossing, and rinsing, helping you ensure that your beautiful straight teeth are also healthy. You can also remove the trays to play a wind instrument or if you want to eat a juicy apple or a bagel. With bracket and band style braces, they don’t come off for the full length of treatment so it’s difficult to clean between your teeth – and this is a critical aspect of your oral health and preventing dental disease.

  • Fewer Appointments!

    A common complaint of many who wear braces is the number of adjustment appointments. This is another reason I’m so excited about Invisalign. With Invisalign, you need fewer appointments because instead of adjustments you simply switch to a different aligning tray.

  • Nearly Invisible!

    This is the truly exciting part … gone are the days of obvious teeth straightening – those metal brackets, wires, and bands are gone so the only way people will even know you’re straightening your teeth is if you tell them.

  • Digital Impressions!

    So much more comfortable! Since taking the Invisalign treatment course, we are already using the fantastic technology of iTero® digital scanning so that we can get clear and accurate impressions for treatment planning. You will love the comfortable experience without the need for trays and goopy impression material. And while this comfort is a huge plus for our patients, what they love most is that the iTero integrates with our digital software, so we can show them onscreen simulations of how their teeth will move and look when treatment is complete.

I am confident that by using these advanced tooth-moving techniques and technology, all our patients can achieve the healthy and beautiful smile they have always dreamed of.
Because everyone on my team is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive care for our patients, it’s important to all of us that we integrate the latest and greatest in dental care options into Dresher Family Dental Care’s service offerings.