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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is actually a mental health issue which has an effect on individuals spanning through various ages and walks of life, as well as occurring when an individual gets caught in a cycle of compulsions and obsessions. Obsessions are actually unwanted, intrusive feelings, images or perhaps urges that trigger intensely distressing feelings. Compulsions are actually behaviors an individual engages in to make an effort to eliminate the obsessions and also decrease their distress. If you have been experiencing any of these feelings, and if you live in Austin, OCD help is readily available. The professional medical staff at Austin Anxiety & Behavioral Health Services can help you get through these thoughts and actions so you can once again enjoy your life.

At Austin Anxiety and OCD Specialists, our Austin OCD therapies have been proven as being highly effective in the treatment of this type of mental disorder. We have a full staff of compassionate and dedicated therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, along with other licensed medical professionals who will evaluate your situation, and then work with you in order to find a treatment plan that works best for your unique needs. You will never feel alone, as we are here for you, and we know what it takes in order for you to once again feel like your old self. With us working together, and finding the reasons behind these thoughts and actions, we will develop the proper treatment methods.

Obsessions are actually thoughts, images or maybe impulses which happen again and again and feel outside of the person's control. People with OCD don't desire to have these thoughts and find them disturbing. Typically, individuals with OCD understand that these thoughts do not make any sense. Obsessions are generally accompanied by uncomfortable and intense feelings such as doubt, disgust, or fear that things have to be carried out in a manner that's "just right." In the context of OCD, obsessions are actually time intensive and get in the way of crucial activities the individual values.

Compulsions are actually the next part of obsessive compulsive disorder. These are repetitive actions or maybe ideas that an individual uses with the aim of neutralizing, counteracting, or perhaps making their obsessions disappear. Individuals with OCD realize this is just a temporary solution but without a much better method to cope, they depend on the compulsion like a momentary escape. Compulsions also can include staying away from situations that trigger obsessions. Compulsions also get in the way of our daily activities and they can keep us from simple activities, such as eating and sleeping.

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