Veneers Dresher

Veneers Dresher

Experience the benefits of quality dental veneers at Dresher Family Dental Care and save money on cosmetic treatment. Veneers are considered one of the most affordable ways to improve the appearance of chipped, discolored, gapped, or flawed teeth. If you’re comparing the costs and benefits of veneers with other procedures, you may find that veneers offer a range of exclusive advantages that make them the better value.

Multiple Treatments Combined

One of the main reasons patients opt for dental veneers is due to their ability to provide single-treatment benefits for multiple issues. Durable porcelain veneers can provide the same reliable results as a dental crown, whitening session, and orthodontic treatment- at a far lower cost and shorter treatment duration. Best of all, Dresher Family Dental Care can customize veneers to conceal a range of issues that include worn teeth, irregular spacing, stains, chips, overlaps, misalignment, and disproportionate teeth.

Quick, Simple, Natural-Looking Results

Innovative porcelain veneers at Dresher Family Dental Care are virtually indistinguishable from the translucent enamel of natural teeth, making them an exceptional cosmetic option for improving the appearance of your smile. We can offer you incredible value in a long-lasting solution that typically requires only two visits to our office. Care for your dental veneers as indicated, and you can expect 10-20 years of beautiful, consistent results.

No Special Maintenance Needed

Brush and floss veneers the same way you already care for your natural teeth, using a dentist-approved toothpaste and string floss or floss picks. Schedule regular cleanings and checkups with our staff for preventive measures that prolong the lifespan of veneers and keep them looking sensational.

Determining Candidacy For Veneers

The best way to learn more about the advantages of dental veneers in Dresher is by scheduling a visit with our staff. Your consultation appointment is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, take notes, and request materials to take home and look over. If you decide veneers are the right fit for your cosmetic dental needs, we can schedule your procedure at a time convenient for you within the coming days or weeks. You’re most likely a candidate for veneers if any of the following apply:

  • Your teeth are severely stained and have not responded well to whitening
  • Minor cosmetic flaws in your teeth prevent you from smiling your best smiles
  • You have more than one cosmetic issue you want to hide
  • Your overall dental health and physical health are good
  • Tooth enamel is sufficient for supporting veneers
  • Your teeth are moderately straight
  • You’re not in the habit of grinding your teeth

Apply For Financing Online

Pay over time for dental veneers at Dresher Family Dental Care by applying for CareCredit, the patients’ choice for low-interest financing for dental procedures. If you qualify for CareCredit, you can request a payment plan as long as 24 months to pay off your beautiful new veneers. Submit your application through our website or ask our staff for assistance in getting set up with more time to pay for treatment.

Veneers Dresher
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