Dental Implants Dresher

Dental Implants Dresher

When looking into the unique advantages of dental implants, Dresher Family Dental Care can answer your questions and help you determine if implants are the right choice for you. We offer a complimentary consultation visit with our staff specifically for the purpose of assessing your goals and helping you determine the best course of action in achieving your objectives. If you’re a good candidate for the implant procedure, we’ll provide additional materials for you to look over at home with your family.

Exclusive Benefits and Advantages of Dental Implants

We offer several dental prosthetics for replacing missing teeth, and while it’s easy to think that one procedure is better than the others, the fact is there are multiple options because there are numerous patient needs. For patients on a budget, dentures may be the best option; patients able to invest in a long-term solution may find that implants are a better dental prosthetic. We’ll look at a variety of factors when we meet with you in our office. Implants can significantly improve the quality of life for patients looking for the following features:

  • Exceptional aesthetic results. No other dental prosthetic looks as natural or can be matched as closely to remaining teeth.
  • Implants do not compromise the integrity of adjacent teeth, as is the case with partial dentures. In the absence of grinding and manipulating, neighboring teeth retain structural strength.
  • Since dental implants function in the same way as your natural teeth, you’ll forget they’re in place in a few short days.
  • Eat the foods you love with no limitations, no restrictions, and no discomfort.
  • Implants remain the most durable, lifetime-benefit solution for replacing one or more missing teeth.
  • Exposed palate improves the taste and sensation of foods.
  • Implants will never slip out of place, become dislodged, or cause a speech impediment.
  • Dental implant anchors decrease the risk of bone loss typically occurring after the loss of teeth.

Affordable Dental Implants in Dresher

CareCredit can make complex or costly dental procedures easier to pay for by spreading out the payment offer 6-24 month payments at a low rate of interest. Apply for CareCredit through the Dresher Family Dental Care website or call our staff for assistance in getting set up with CareCredit. If you’re considering dentures due to the lower cost, you may find it a better value to finance lifetime implants. Feel free to discuss the costs of treatment with us during your complimentary consultation visit for professional advice and recommendations.

Pain-Free Dental Implants

Dresher Family Dental Care remains committed to offering our patients painless general, restorative, cosmetic, and specialized dental care. For patients with anxiety or fear of the dentist chair, sedation options optimize relaxation and comfort throughout treatment. Ask our staff about sedation when you schedule your next visit with us or explore your options in our website’s ‘Services’ section where you’ll find information on nitrous oxide, IV sedation, and single-tooth anesthesia, our most requested method of numbing.

Dental Implants Dresher
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